Manual Therapy

Manual Therapy pointers for Homologous Movement Patterns

Manual Therapy is the collective touch therapy techniques found to assist the body in change. It is important to remember that the goal of any of these techniques is to assist the body in increasing its scope rather than forcing some alteration. The body adapts to its potential, and the therapeutic goal is to facilitate this process. The guidelines present here are a small subset of the available techniques but should offer pointers for any modality.

When evaluating Homologous exercises, activities or therapies we examine the function of the arms working together (IE: Pull-Ups) and legs working together (IE: Squats). It is common that we can identify that either arms or legs lag in their development. The attribute that lags will be the one that most benefits from therapeutic emphasis. Imbalances here can be observed in the TOP/BOTTOM(Transverse Plane) relationship in the body.



For example, if Homologous stands out in the SURVEY, and/or significant irregularities in the function of the arms working in unison are identified, activities, exercises, and therapies focused on symmetrical arm function will be beneficial.