Resources and References

The source material for the Survey, Exercises, Activities and Themes:

The information on this website is collated from many sources, some of which are backed by > 100 years of clinical research. The two primary disciplines are Evolutionary Physiology and Developmental Psychology:

Evolutionary Physiology is the study of how the form and function of living things are influenced by the evolutionary trajectory of their antecedents. It is a relatively recent area of scientific activity, with many of the relevant papers on this subject being presented at the SOCIETY FOR INTEGRATIVE AND COMPARATIVE BIOLOGY. The role that evolution has played in shaping our form and function is unmistakable, and insights into how evolutionary parameters define our perceptions and actions are emerging rapidly. The correlations used in this model that link our developmental reflexes to their evolutionary heritage are based on the theoretical principles underlying Evolutionary Physiology.

Developmental Psychology is an area of scientific research extending over at least 130 years. There are many well-established insights that have held up well over time, as well as many ideas that remain controversial. This is a very rewarding area of study. This writer’s exposure to Developmental Psychology and Infant Development comes from his training as a Core Specialist in MNRI. The behavioral correlations to the Developmental Reflexes used in the survey originate from Developmental Psychology.