Therapies that assist in integrating automaticity maturation with conscious/intentional action.

It is recommended to read the therapy overview and treatment precautions:

Our conscious minds act out the learned automaticities that we call habits. Consciousness is largely consumed with selecting among and then editing these habituated patterns. These automaticities rest above layers of underlying reflexes, drives, instincts, and emotions. Therapies in the other sections address dysregulation in these underlying mechanisms. Here, therapies that are known to help recalibrate habituated patterns are discussed. These are a minuscule subset of efficacious therapeutic interventions, limited to this writer’s experience. What all therapies for conscious action share are the recalibration of habituated cognitive patterns into more satisfactory patterns. The efficacy of any of these therapies is strongly determined by the degree of compensation and adaption in the underlying automaticities, and it is recommended that therapy for these underlying reflex arcs (in the four adjoining sections) be included with or initiated before the therapies described here.

Low Energy Neurofeedback is a powerful tool for recalibrating conscious perceptual/behavior patterns:


Locomotor Core as frame for Fine Motor Skills